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    Adele Ang

    Senior Physiotherapist

    Adele is a registered physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience. Her experience spans from treating orthopaedic, sports injuries and chronic pain in both inactive individuals and athletes.

    Adele believes that pain is a highly personal and individualised experience, and hence understanding and validating the person having the pain experience is an extremely important part of recovery and healing. She strongly believes in patients being empowered and having more confidence and trust in their bodies and themselves as part of the recovery process. As such she developed the Bodymap Pain Coaching Systems to help patients with chronic, persistent pain to live full and meaningful lives without pain restricting them from their life goals. She combines the best practices of physiotherapy and pain coaching to provide an individualised approach to helping patients thrive and move out from persistent chronic pain.

    Besides seeing patients, she is also passionate about healthcare education and is currently an adjunct lecturer for the Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine at Nanyang Technological University for medical doctors.

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