• Meet the team

    Shayne Hu

    Senior Rehab & Performance Specialist

    Shayne has been helping individuals with injuries, performance and weight management since 2009, with five years as an Exercise Physiologist (EP) in the Singapore Sports Medicine Centre (Changi). This has rendered her well-equipped with experience in dealing with the elderly, pre and post joint operation patients, athletes, as well as people with chronic diseases such as diabetes. This allowed her to hone her skills attained from her Bachelors and work experience in Auckland, New Zealand.

    On top of her clinical experience, Shayne has been the Deputy Director of Public Outreach and teaching committee with Exercise is Medicine Singapore (EIMS) since 2016. EIMS aims to educate physicians, allied health professionals and the general public both locally and internationally on the benefits of physical activity. Shayne’s role has allowed her to gain plenty of insight and also share her expertise with people from the likes of Australia, Japan and Taiwan at regional conferences and invited teaching sessions. She was also appointed the Team Lead to nurture her team of EPs, as well as nominated to be in committees to help improve workplace lifestyle and to train allied health professionals in major projects like SGenable.

    Shayne believes in enhancing the functional movement in people of all ages and fitness levels in order to improve their quality of life. This is achieved through a huge repertoire of exercises including sports and kinetic-linked training amongst other modalities such as sports massage, dry needling, hydrotherapy, and taping.

    Her passion lies in the patient journey, to help every individual in their own different way.

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