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    Alex Tan

    Exercise & Sports Performance Specialist /

    Certified Sports Massage Therapist

    Alex has a diverse background in sports, education, and holistic wellness. He holds a Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Studies from Nanyang Technological University and is also a certified sport massage therapist, showcasing his dedication to the physical well-being and recovery of athletes.


    With a holistic approach to sports performance, Alex integrates various elements such as stretching, strengthening, nutrition, sleep and massage into his practice. This comprehensive methodology not only aids in recovery but also enhances overall athletic performance.


    Having served as a former Physical Education teacher, Alex possesses a unique ability to empathise with athletes from various sports backgrounds. This first-hand experience allows him to understand the challenges athletes face and tailor his approach to meet their specific needs. He is also an experienced outdoor instructor for various outdoor activities such as kayaking, sport climbing and windsurfing.


    On the personal front, Alex has completed the Ironman Western Australia twice and he is currently pursuing his passion as an ultra-trail runner, completing challenging races such as the 250km Gobi March, 56km UTMB OCC, and the 100km Trans Jeju, among others.


    Alex is a multifaceted individual who combines academic knowledge and practical experience to inspire and support athletes in their journey to peak performance and well-being.