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    What to expect during your first session?

    (you are in good hands)

    During your first session, your physiotherapist will spend a significant amount of time getting to know your concerns, symptoms and pelvic health history. This will allow us to get to the root cause of the problem and craft a plan to achieve your goals.


    After which, we will proceed with the assessment of your posture, pelvic alignment, muscles of the hip and the pelvic floor. An internal pelvic floor muscle assessment is used to determine the pelvic floor muscle performance, strength, endurance and tone.


    An internal assessment is the best way to determine the pelvic floor muscle function. If this is not an option for you, alternative methods will be offered.

    Examples of treatment goals are

    (what are you here for)

    For urinary frequency and urgency:

    “I want to go for a hike without having to run to the toilet all the time.”



    For pregnancy and postpartum:


    “I want my pubic bone to stop hurting so I can go for a run after my baby.”



    For children and incontinence:


    “I want to attend sleepovers with friends without worrying about bedwetting.”

    Pelvic Examinations


    Your physiotherapist will only perform a pelvic examination with your written and verbal consent. You can withdraw your consent anytime during the session.
    Internal pelvic examinations can be uncomfortable and scary! Your physiotherapist will walk you through the steps at all times to ensure that you’re relaxed and at ease.
    If you don’t wish to have a pelvic examination today or ever, that is absolutely fine as well.


    *For Children: No internal pelvic examination will be performed on children. Parents are required to be present in the room if an external examination is required