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    Tay Di Xin

    Pilates Instructor

    Dixin is a fully certified STOTT pilates instructor and has been practising pilates for close to 10 years.


    From a young age, Dixin has always been intrigued by movement, especially how bodies flow in space, responding to music, rhythm, and their internal cadence. She actively pursued ballet and other forms of contemporary dance, reveling in their rigors for the better part of two decades.


    It was while training for her ballet exams that she discovered pilates - it helped her better understand and regain the control she needed to execute the dance moves, and realign her body after the strain of dance training. She developed an appreciation for how pilates can help bodies

    achieve increased mobility and strength, and most importantly, alignment and centeredness.


    As an instructor, she is passionate about spreading the joy pilates has given her, through helping her clients (re)discover their movement potential and to move through their daily lives pain free.