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  • What We Do

    Performance Sports & Rehab Specialists is a group of Allied Health Professionals and Sports and Performance Enthusiasts who believe in optimising human potential through the manipulation of mechanics and sports science.

  • About Us

    Introducing our Team

    Belinda’s interest in sports began at an early age with her participation in competitive tennis and gymnastics. With 13 years of movement science experience, Belinda began her journey of promoting health through fitness as a Personal Trainer in Singapore. Belinda worked for almost 4 years at a Sports/Orthopedic Physical Therapy Clinic in Palo Alto Medical Foundation. In addition to being a Physical Therapist, Belinda is a certified Pilates Instructor from Power Pilates (Classical) and has been teaching Pilates in a studio since 2006. She combines fitness and rehabilitation through core strengthening and dynamic stretching from Pilates. Her background in gymnastics combined with her recent research in this field gives her a very well rounded understanding towards these athletes. Belinda believes strongly that ‘Our body’s dysfunction is an accumulation of our lifetime of sports and daily activities. It is movement that brought us to this dysfunction and I believe that movement through rehabilitation can bring back function but only through manual therapy can we expedite this process’.

    Principal Physiotherapist

    Doctor of Physical Therapy

    M.Sc (Physical Therapy)

    Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy

    Certified Power Pilates Instructor

    Martin has a Masters Degree from Columbia University in New York and an Engineering degree from University of Western Australia. While studying and living in the USA, he was an avid cyclist and an active competitive racer in the Northern CA amateur racing circuit. Now based in Singapore, Martin has joined Performance Sports & Rehab Specialists as their Cycling Performance Engineer & Bike Fitter. He works on the interface between the mechanics of the body and bicycle to optimise performance by manipulating physics and biomechanical changes with the rider’s musculoskeletal conditions while increasing performance and reducing injury.

    Operations Manager

    B.Eng, M.Sc (Construction Engineering)

    Retul Master Fitter

    GebioMized Certified Fitter - Level 2

    SICI Certified Bicycle Fitter

    TrainingPeaks Level 2 Cycling Coach

    Certified Cycling Power Coach

    Official Bike Fitter - Singapore National Team

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    Senior Physiotherapist

    M.Sc (Physical Therapy)

    DMA Clinical Pilates

    World Rugby Certified Medical Practitioner and Educator

    Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

    Senior Physiotherapist

    Doctor of Physical Therapy

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    Senior Physiotherapist

    M.Sc (Human Health Science) - 修士 (人間健康科学)
    JARTA Certified Sports Trainer - JARTA 認定スポーツトレーナー

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    Pilates Instructor

    Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction (Australia)



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    Pilates Instructor

    STOTT PILATES®️Instructor

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    Exercise & Sports Performance Specialist / Sports Massage

    M.Sc Exercise and Sports Studies 

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    Clinic Manager

    M.Sc (Physical Therapy)

  • Our Services


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    Evaluates and treats any orthopaedic or musculoskeletal condition. We use manual therapy such as functional, joint, soft tissue and neural mobilisations and manipulations to treat conditions that require mechanical fine tuning. After manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education techniques and exercises which promote improved motor control will be utilised to ensure better carry over so that the benefits of the treatment will not be temporary. We will equip you with tools and exercises to self- treat, maintain and improve awareness of your own condition. It does not promote dependence but empowers potential. This is how we want our patients to see our trade as it can be a fulfilling journey when we as patient and caregiver do it right.

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    It is a specialised area of physiotherapy that focuses on the training of pelvic floor muscles and more. Your pelvic floor muscles are so important because we use them daily to pee and poop, and don’t forget, it is also involved in sexual function!


    Learn more

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    Pilates can enable patients to gain core strength to prevent injuries to the extremities. Modifications are made to benefit patients with all kinds of pain and injuries.


    Pilates is taught by Dr Belinda Ting who has been a Power Pilates Certified Pilates Instructor since September 2007. Belinda utilises the classical method that originated from Joseph Pilates. Belinda was trained by New York trained professional dancer, Allison Gonzales who completed her apprenticeship under the guidance of Romana Kryzanowska, a devotee and pupil of Joseph Pilates.


    Pilates classes are currently held in the clinic on Thursday mornings.

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    Sports massage is a deep tissue massage which is personalized to the athlete, taking into account their sport of choice. Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements, sports massage therapy can be used as a means to enhance pre-event preparation and reduce recovery time for maximum performance during training or after an event. Athletes have discovered that specially designed sports massage promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance, helps prevent injuries and prepares their body and mind for optimal performance.


    A bike fit is the evaluation of the rider’s physical condition and needs, then adjusting the rider’s position accordingly. With the evolution of sports science, cyclists are looking for marginal gains in order to win races, be most aerodynamic and to become a more efficient athlete, but some just want to ride more comfortably or pain free. Sometimes, it’s about fitting for comfort vs aerodynamics. The goal is to reduce injuries, improve efficiency or simply allow a patient with a condition to ride again.

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    Sports training helps you to achieve your performance goals regardless of your current level. It incorporates strength, power, flexibility and agility training which are the foundations of performance and injury prevention for all sports.

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    Shockwave therapy is a novel treatment that is great for promoting healing and speeding up recovery alongside physiotherapy. It is particularly useful for muscle or tendon problems that have lasted more that 3 months.

  • State of the Art Equipment


    AlterG is an anti-gravity treadmill that uses NASA differentiated air pressure technology to lift and support the body while walking or running. It allows one to reduce gravity's impact by choosing any weight between 20% and 100% of your body weight.


    The AlterG is used by many elite athletes including distance runners such as Mo Farah and numerous top football clubs in their regular training schedule. The AlterG can supplement your speed and cardio training with reduced impact on your joints, reducing your risk of injury.


    If you have had an injury or surgery, you can use the AlterG to get back to walking or running earlier than you can without body-weight support, helping to speed up your recovery.


    Seniors or those with neurological conditions such as following a stroke can use this to improve their fitness and strength in a fall safe environment.


    Training on the AlterG can supplement a well designed weight loss program, allowing you to power walk or even jog at your target body weight.

    Athos Training

    Athos training is a wearable technology that analyzes muscle activity and heart rate biosignals.


    It tells you which muscle groups are working during your workout and also the distribution of work by muscle group from left to right, to ensure that you have the correct form.


    You can gauge your effort and find the correct form which can help minimise injuries and help you make the most of your workout.

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    BStrong uses blood flow restriction training which is an exercise modality that uses a manipulation of the body's circulatory system in combination with light-weight exercise to achieve training results similar to high intensity strength training (traditional heavy weight lifting).


    There is less risk of a muscle strain or joint injury since lighter weights are used. You will also have less soreness and quicker recovery.

  • Bookings

    Pre-treatment and post-treatment process made easy.


    Book Session

    Call us at 6734-3421 or leave a Whatsapp at 8634-1453, and we'll book a slot as best we can at your convenience.



    Please bring along any medical documents relevant to your condition or ailment, so our therapists can get to know you better and guide you on the best route to recovery.


    As the session may involve some physical activity, we recommend wearing athleisure clothes that are easy to maneuver in.


    Your Session

    After a short consultation, our experienced physiotherapists and trainers will start you on your journey to recovery or greater performance.


    If it's your first session, we kindly ask you to arrive early as registration may take 5-10 minutes. Running late? We're just a call or message away, please notify us.



    During the session, our therapist or trainer likely taught you exercises to continue doing at home. For fast and effective recovery, please be diligent in practicing the exercises at home.


    At the end of the session, approach the front desk and they will help you book your future appointments.

  • Our Policies

    The house rules


    Once we've arranged an appointment slot for you, we will email you a confirmation message which includes a preregistration form along with the time, date and other important information for your appointment.

    We will send you a WhatsApp reminder two days prior to the appointment.

    Please be punctual for your appointment and if you are running late, to let us know.

    We understand that many of our patients have busy schedules and we will do our best to accommodate.


    Your WhatsApp reminder 48 hours prior to the appointment is your window to cancel or adjust your appointment.

    To be fair to patients that are unable to get an appointment, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy to deter last minute cancellations and to provide adequate time to backfill the appointment.

    If any cancellations are made within 24 hours of the appointment time, we reserve the right to charge 100% of the consultation fee.

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    101 Irrawaddy Rd, 15-13/14
    Royal Square@ Novena
    Mon-Fri 8:00AM- 6:00PM
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    6734 3421
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    Royal Square @ Novena is located on the corner of Irrawaddy Road and Thomson Road.

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    By Car

    The entrance to the carpark of the building is from Irrawaddy Road on the left after the carpark entrance for Novena Square 2.

    After parking, you can take the Medical Centre lift to level 15 and we are located at the end of the corridor on your right.

    If you are driving here with your bike, the service lift is behind the bike parking on each level.

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    By MRT

    Novena MRT station - Please take exit B to Novena Square/ Velocity.
    Walk down the corridor between Toastbox and KFC to the exit glass door which will lead to a side entrance of the Royal Square @ Novena building.

    Then you can take the Medical Centre lift to level 15 and we are located at the end of the corridor on your right.

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    Getting here with your bike

    To get to the clinic with your bike, please take the service lift, located behind the loading dock of the building which is located adjacent to the carpark entrance ramp. If you are driving here with your bike then the service lift is behind the bike parking on each level.
    Then you can take the service lift to level 15 and we are located at the end of the corridor.

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