• Spatial Recommendation for Telehealth

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    Functional Assessment

    lower extremity

    Functional Assessment

    Gait: front/back view

    Functional Assessment

    Gait: Lateral view

  • More about Telehealth

    everything you need to know before you start our tele-consult

    1. What is a Tele-consult?

    Tele-consults are consultations that are not conducted in the clinic but through a video chat. They can be particularly useful for:

    • Acute pain, sudden and urgent injuries such as spraining an ankle.

    • Chronic injuries such as long-term low back pain

    • If you’re unable to leave your house / Covid-19 shut-downs

    • Long wait lists for in person care

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    2. Determining if a tele-consult is right for you


    We know that treating virtually is drastically different than in-person care so follow this flowchart to determine if a tele-consult is suitable for your needs.

    We have provided a framework to see if you are a fit.

    3. Call or text the clinic to schedule a tele-consult


    Performance Sports & Rehab Specialists will collect some information and schedule a tele-consult for you.

    • Call 6734-3421

    • Whatsapp 8508 3951

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    4. Clinic sends an invite to you for a tele-consult


    A templated email inviting you to their tele-consult will be sent.

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    5. You receive an invite for the tele-consult



    When you join the tele-consult, you will see a message similar to the one on the left.




    Click the link to join the tele-consult.

    The tele-consult is peer-to-peer and a direct encrypted connection between you and the clinician. It is not recorded and is not stored on any servers.

    6. Read the FAQs to prepare for the appointment.

    See item #11 for the Frequently Asked Questions.

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    7. The day of the tele-consult arrives.

    To join the call, you will just need to click the link in the email.

    • If you are on a computer or Android phone, you can click the link and join the call directly.

    • If you are on an iPhone, you will need to download the PLATO CONNECT app (linked on the appointment email).

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    You will then see the following:


    When you join the tele-consult, you will see your clinician on the screen and you will see yourself in the top-right, as you would with any other video calling platform.

    8. What to expect


    During the tele-consult many of the same procedures will be followed as would be during an in person consultation.

    An interview and a guided clinical assessment will be conducted and a self treatment plan will be communicated to the patient.

    Follow up exercises will also be given to ensure the continuation of care is provided.

    9. Benefits of Tele-Consults


    Similar results can be obtained through a tele-consult as can be had during a physical visit.

    A clinical differential assessment will be done through an interview and objective testing. Based on the assessment, treatment will be instructed and guidelines given. Videos to facilitate can be provided. Another caregiver can be helpful and may be requested depending on the discretion of the Physiotherapist. In cases if manual therapy is needed for differential assessment it will be advised by the physiotherapist.

    Exercises can be taught, treatment can also be guided if there is another caregiver present and updates can be provided. Manual therapy can be substituted by self treatment techniques as well.

    10. Payment details


    You need to add your credit card details prior to the start of the call. At the end of the call the charge will be added per our standard rates although we have allocated an hour of consult for our usual 45 min consult rate.

  • Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    everything you need to know before you start our tele-consult

    How do I prepare for the Tele-Consult?

    • Make sure you’re in a private space with some room to move around (see space requirements below);

    • Do not direct the camera towards the sun / windows or strong light;

    • Please wear comfortable clothing (shorts or workout pants, and a tank top or t-shirt) that allows the therapist to see your injured/hurt area

      • Wearing contrasting top and bottom colours helps the therapist differentiate the body easier. Bottoms with lines running down the sides of your thigh can be helpful but not necessary.

      • For women with shoulder and neck issues, wearing a tank top or camisole will allow the therapist to see your area of concern.

    • Make sure all browsers are up to date and you have a strong internet connection

      • Please use Chrome for the best experience, Safari has intermittent problems.

    • Make sure all audio & video permissions are enabled;

    • If using a phone or laptop, it needs to be fully charged and propped up in landscape mode.

    • Having two devices (e.g laptop and smart phone) is strongly encouraged although not always necessary to facilitate different views (front and side).

    Space requirements

    • a minimum of length of 3m to the camera and 4m width is required to ensure that the consultation can be effective
    • if we need to assess your gait or running then a 4m stretch such as corridor will be required

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    Space requirements


    Setup Suggestions:


    Distance is 2m side to side and 3 m front and back for lower body examinations

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    Space requirements

    Seated Side Profiile

    For the view, suggested distance is approximately 1.6m away from mat and computer height is 85 cm.

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    Space requirements

    Lying Down - Supine

    Do I need any equipment for the Tele-Consult

    If you have the following, please have them ready:

    • Yoga Mat, Foam Roller, golf ball, thera-band

    How long before the tele-consult should I login?


    To ensure a seamless experience, prepare and call in 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the tele-consult to ensure all equipment is set up and working properly.

    Do I need a prescription for my telehealth visit?

    As all insurance policies are slightly different, you should review your individual policy in regards to your coverage for Physiotherapy.

    Does my insurance cover telehealth appointments?

    In our experience, most health plans have covered these services however, every insurance company is different.

    What devices will work?


    If you are on a computer or Android phone, then you can click the link and join the call directly, just make sure it’s updated to the latest version.

    If you are on an iPhone, you will need to download the PLATO CONNECT app.